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Who we are:  A Woman & Veteran owned company based in the Texas Hill Country town of Boerne

Our focus:  Natural and Organic dog treats using only the best of ingredients, no fillers, preservatives, artificial flavoring, extracts or colors, grain and gluten free* Our Rawhide and Bone products are from:  Free Range, Grass Fed, Texas & American Cattle!

Our story:  Over time, we noticed our dogs were not that interested in many treats we gave them.  Looking at the ingredients: Artificial colors, flavors and chemicals, wheat, corn and soy fillers.  We began experimenting and our in-house testers Buddy, Duke, Daisy, Camo, Ozzie (Little Boy) and BaBa; if they do not love it, we do not sell it.

Buddys process:  Listen to customers, do extensive testing to make our products healthy and all natural.  Manufacturer and smoke in our own smokers on our Hill Country ranch using TX mesquite.  

  • Our exact product makeup may varies however we only use the best premium Natural and Organic products available
  • Products are slow smoked using Texas Mesquite up to 36 hours in our own on-site smokers
  • Many of our products include human grade ingredients, however it is not recommended they be consumed by humans
  • Our products are manufactured by us on 17 Oaks Ranch, Boerne, Tx facility
  • We source our raw materials from Texas whenever possible and are a Certified GoTexan company.
  • Shelf live varies but you can expect at least 6 months if kept cool and dry (no refrigeration required), treat as any food product

* We have some speciality products for special needs dogs that contain grains, please ask

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